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Cassandra Bankson fashion week


We have found the stories of both Cassandra Bankson and Talia Castellano so inspiring we covered both of them on our site. We now have an update and we are really happy to see both having their dreams come true outside of the internet.


Cassandra BanksonCassandra Bankson fashion week

Who can forget the vulnerable teenager plagued with acne and bearing all to show how she covers them up to face the world? When Cassandra Bankson decided after a month of debating with herself whether to bear all or not, she took the plunge in December 2010 believing that if it made a difference to just one acne plagued girl it would have been worth it.

Little did she know her video went viral and she became an overnight sensation.

Watch her viral video here

Bearing your soul is hard, showing the world your very problematic skin is terrifying but she thought she could help others and now she is modelling at the Stacey Igel’s ‘Boy meets Girl’ fashion show at the New York Fashion Week.

Watch her interview with ABC News

 Cassandra told US Weekly :

“I feel inspired,” the teen, who had only modeled for print before, said. “I didn’t think I could feel any more confident than when I was modeling with acne . . . but now I’m ready for anything, bring it!”

“This was something that I never thought I would’ve been involved in,” she added. “First off, in modeling you’ve always heard you’re too ugly or you have acne or you can’t. Then all of a sudden being able to model on New York Fashion Week runway, it was like, ‘Is this really happening?’ ”

You go, girl!


Talia Castellano

We couldn’t even begin to imagine what life must be like for young Talia Castellano. Age 13 and struggling with two types of cancers, she went on Youtube and showed the world that it is ok to not have hair. In fact, she has a string of makeup tutorials to inspire others that you can look beautiful no matter what (with over 14 million views).
So we were mighty pleased to see her on the show of someone she admires and to see her surprised look on the Ellen Degeneres show where she was made a honorary Cover Girl.



Now that you have wiped away your tear, here is an interview with her :



We wish them all the best!


Source : Daily Mail, Huffington Post

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