Just when you think you will never get out of your woolly leggings and big baggy jumper, spring has suddenly arrived and the mad scramble to update your spring wardrobe has begun.

Here are 30 great ideas to inspire you and although we know not everyone one of these will be to your taste (or suit you), it is a starting point to update your wardrobe. Perhaps a certain color has caught your eye, a print design or a particular cut of a dress you think you may like to try. Whatever your fancy, we have something for everyone here.


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Spring is finally here, bringing with it longer days and hotter temperatures. At the start of the season, we all rush to unpack our favorite warm-weather pieces. But as the days progress, we start dressing like cartoon characters, repeating the same look again and again. We’ve got just what you need to pull yourself out of a sartorial slump: 30 brilliant spring outfits you never thought of before. Click through the slideshow above for spring style inspiration to last all month long.

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Images: Imaxtree

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