Yoko Ono is giving her more than 2 cents worth of advise on makeup tips for men – if you can understand them.

The oft ridiculed (and many claim mis-understood) artist has penned three poems to go with the three makeup looks she has created with new clothing partners Opening Ceremony.

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Just in case you missed the Handsy Menswear Collection she created with OC, and lets be honest, you have to be really confident (or brave or on some weird substance) to wear her collection, here is a little taster:


yoko-ono-opening-ceremony-makeup tips for men




Maybe this will inspire you for a new look when you go clubbing this weekend, and if it has, just make sure you bring a few burly friends along to protect you.

Still, joking aside, Yoko has always been a conceptual artist that provoked, had works of art way outside the box and was not afraid to challenge and push the boundaries.



Yoko Ono On Makeup Tips for Men:

Divided into three rather cryptic sections, and open to wide ranging sets of interpretations; we have picked out one or two lines that summarized the look or the feel of the make-up.

Daytime Make-Up :

“When you see a rainbow in the sky./Breathe it in/And make your room into a rainbow room.”

The idea is to welcome brightness, color and to feel all skippy and fresh.

Evening Make-Up :

“everything that sparkles will bring you a sparkling life./Sparkling eyes, sparkling belly button, sparkling legs.”

We are thinking that she is telling men to not be afraid to shine and to add sparkle to their lives.

Dawn Make-Up :

“He had a cheap smile you didn’t like/so you’ll never Make- up with him even if he tried,”

Perhaps a cynical swipe at modern day relationships that seems so easy and meaningless.

What do you think?


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