When Plastic Surgery Becomes Addictive

Hang Mioku at age 28


Extreme Addictive Plastic Surgery

Hang Mioku from South Korea was a pretty fresh face singer and model until she decided she wasn’t that pretty or that fresh face.

So she set about seeking ‘treatment’ to make her more attractive and beautiful and went to Japan for a series of operations.

It soon became addictive and she started to crave more and more ‘work’ done to her face.


Hang Mioku at age 28


Doctors told her she had a problem and needed psychiatric help rather than more ‘corrective’ surgery, and refused further operations.

So she took matters into her own hands and purchased black market silicone to inject into her face so that she could achieve the soft and smooth face that is the symbol of youth and beauty.

When she ran out of black market silicone, she resorted to cooking oil and injected that into her face as a replacement.

The results were horrific to say the least and she was left permanently scarred for life.


Hang Mioku at the height of her plastic surgery addiction


Her face puffed up to such an extend that children nicknamed her ‘standing fan’.

Korean television featured her plight (and a warning to other potential plastic surgery addicts no doubt) and horrified viewers sent money in to help her try and get her face back to ‘normal’.

Surgeons removed 60g of silicone, oil and other substances from her face and another 200g from her neck in a series of ten operations.

But she will never regain her looks again.



In our pursuit of the ‘perfect’ face or the ‘perfect’ body, more and more people are resorting to drastic procedures. Superficial attraction has over taken inner beauty and as the media panders increasingly to the ‘ideal’ look, more and more women (and men) are left feeling inadequate, unattractive and sub-standard.

You are who you are. Sure you could exercise and lose weight if you need to, or get your hair dyed and cut, get some nice looking makeup or even some minor surgery if you have a glaring malformation, but taking it to that extreme is pure madness.

Think hard about why you want surgery before you do it and do it for the right reason.

We have all been warned!



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