Watch This Powerful Makeup Guru Transform Her Cousin


So this makeup guru decides to work her magic on her cousin. It’s an interesting transformation – you could almost see an inner transformation after the make over. She looks more confident and sure of herself. What do you think?

“Meet my cousin Prasanna. Her and I have been super close since we were kids. We have some crazy memories together. Now its time to make another memory of me giving her a total 360 makeover.
Prasanna likes natural makeup and I don’t blame her because she is naturally beautiful. She has flawless skin has the cutest dimple which I am always jealous of. Her regular makeup routine is very simple which includes just the brows,lips & Bb cream. So I wanted to see what she would look like with full face makeup lashes,contour etcs. I have to say she looks like a doll like a Arabian doll. What do you guys think?!”


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