Vietnamese Airline Fined For In-Flight Bikini Fashion Show

VietJetAir Bikini Fashion Show

Traveling by air can be a bore. Sure, you have your iPad or a book or some work to catch up on, but after a few hours, chances are you have exhausted everything you have brought along to distract yourself.

Now you are left to either snooze, stare into space or fidget around to kill time.

Vietnamese Airline (VietJetAir – the budget branch) thought their passengers could do with some much needed distraction and staged an in-flight bikini fashion show complete with hand outs of little teddy bears. Bet that snooze didn’t last long.




Delighted (male) passengers immediately took out their cameras and iphones to record the unexpected event and posted it on their Facebook accounts to share with friends and family. After all, when do you get a “Hawaiian Dance” (so named by the airline) when you travel budget?

Wait. Before you snigger thinking these ‘dancers’ are frumpy ol’ airline hostesses who look like sumo wrestlers, these are local beauty contestants – all young, beautiful and guaranteed to make the heart beat faster. (Wonder if they had a doctor on board?)


VietJetAir Hawaiian Dancers


Slapped with a US$1,000 fine, a spokesmen for the killjoy Vietnam Aviation Authority had this to say about VietJetAir:

“Nguyen Trong Thang, chief inspector of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam said he thought the airline made a serious error of judgement in giving the go ahead for the sky high show.

Thang said VJA got the fine for violating the local aviation regulations by organizing an unapproved show on a plane.

When asked if VJA had also violated aviation safety regulation for letting passengers use camera phones to record the three-minute show he said that because the phones were used in movie mode only, they did not affect flight safety.


VietJetAir In-flight Bikini Fashion Show


“A VietjetAir official offered a diplomatic response.

He said: ‘It was the first flight to a beach town, so we came up with the idea of getting a number of girls in bikinis to dance and make passengers happy to improve our customer service.”

All we can say is ‘Bravo!’ An ingenious way to get free advertising and now all the airlines will have to step up to the plate. We want flamenco dancers on Spanish flights and some Irish dancing on Aer Lingus please.


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