Too Many Beauty Products? Here’s What To Do…


Yes, it is spring time and we all know what that means : spring cleaning! Time to take a long hard look at your beauty counter or bathroom and get brutal.

Too Many Beauty Products

If like most of us beauty fanatics you are suffering from the ‘too many beauty products’ syndrome, here are  few tips on what to do:

Take all those nearly finished products and group them together.


If you have three moisturizers that are almost finished but you are reluctant to throw that last expensive bit out, combine them and use it for your face, neck, hands or body. Apply whilst still damp from your bath or shower and spread it generously on your face, neck, shoulders and chest.

Nail Varnish

If you have all those bits of nail varnish lurking about, combine those too and you may get something very unexpected and unique!


If it is foundation (and I have about five different ones lying around), again combine them and use it for your face, neck, decollete (eliminate the ‘my neck and chest looks vastly different in skin color than my face’ look), discoloration on your arms, neck and age spots.

You may even find that the result suits your skin color better than just one single product.

Lipstick and Lip Gloss.

Let’s be honest, we have tons of this stuff lying around in every shade, color, texture and consistencies. Here is a good tip to get them all used up (eventually). Get a flat tin, like the round Nivea cream tin, or a throat lozenge tin, and scoop every last bit of lipstick and lip gloss into this tin with a good lip brush.

Allocate a little space for each different one and before you know it, you have your own mini lip gloss/lipstick bar. Now with this little tin and a nifty lip brush, you are ready to face every possible fashion situation.


Not a great favorite of mine as I find it is hard to balance the look between skin kissed or scary clown. Still, a little goes a long way and if you do have some blush left over, try using a damp sponge to give a more dewy and natural glow. If it is a more natural color ie: not florescent pink, use a nice big brush and contour your face – a big fashion trend this season.


OK, this one you will have to throw out after six months of first using it. I really do not recommend using old mascara as it could seriously infect your eyes, not to mention it smells and can be dry and clumpy. Having said that, a good mascara brush is worth keeping after you have cleaned and washed it thoroughly.

Use it as a brow shaper (the swept up look is another big trend this season), or to separate lashes when you apply new fresh mascara. This can be a great makeup tool.

Hair Spray

This you cannot combine but here is a great link for 10 weird ways to use hairspray which is quite interesting!

So there you have it. A mini guide on how to use up all your left over beauty products. One last thing, if the bottle is pretty, small or just plain fits into your toiletry bag just fine; wash them out and use them for left over shampoo, hair conditioner or body lotion and take them for your travels or for mini breaks.

Saves you lugging too many beauty products in huge bottles around.

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