The Power of Good Makeup Application

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This Is What A Good Makeup Application Can Do

Kim Kardashian takes 90 minutes to have her makeup applied in the morning before she faces the world and another 90 minutes in the evening, if she is going out for the night. That’s 3 hours a day.


“Kim sits in a chair for the artist to do her make-up, usually falling asleep as it takes so long! It’s concealer first – this goes over nearly half her face – then the artist applies highlighting cream. Next it’s foundation, powder, then more foundation,” the source listed. “The eyes can take up to 20 minutes between doing eyeshadow, liner and false lashes.”


And when you see a picture of her without the war paint on, you will see why she spends all the time and all the money (reportedly $5,500/month) to have a makeup artist come everyday, sometimes twice a day. After all, it’s her curves and her face that is bringing in the big bucks, so it pays to invest in her looks and get the gear to flaunt her voluptuous body.

Kim Kardashian Makeup Free


Good makeup application - Kim K without makeup



It’s no secret, she even tweeted her face whilst her makeup artist was applying contouring highlights to show how she gets that flawless skin look.




But if you really want to see what good makeup application can do to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, then you must check out the work of Russian makeup artist Vadim Andreev :

Makeup by Vadim Andreev :


Good makeup application by Vadim Andreev 1



Good makeup application - Kim K without makeup (2)



Good makeup application - Vadim Andreev (3)



Vadim Andreev (4)



Vadim Andreev (5)



Vadim Andreev (6)



Obviously there are a few tricks to getting the makeup right and we have just the tips below to help the face look slimmer and younger:

Tips For Good Makeup Application :


1) Eyebrows

If you have a uni-brow, now is the time to do something about it. A nicely trimmed eyebrow with a well defined arch will left your eyes and make you face look slimmer. We know the thicker, bushier eyebrows are in but they still need to suit you and your face. If your eyebrows are sparse, get a fine loose powder a shade darker than your brow and fill in the gaps.

2) Dark Eye Circles

Dark circles around the eyes just makes your face droop. Tiredness has the sagging effect on features so make sure you cover those dark circles with a good concealer and apply a bit of highlight to the inner and outer corner of the eyes to lift and brighten them up.

3) Bring out your eyes

If you look at the photos above by makeup artist Vadim Andreev, you will see that he really plays up the eyes so that your attention is automatically drawn to them. Cleverly applied eye liner and mascara makes the eyes look bigger and because you are so focus on the eyes, the rest of the (not so slim) face is secondary.


1) Contouring

As with Kim K, contouring the right way can add focus to the center of the face and take attention away from the heavy jaw line or drooping cheeks. A highlighter on the cheek bones, between the brows and fanning up and out towards the forehead and along the center ridge of your nose to bring these features more into focus.

A darker shade under and around the jaw line and on the outer edges of the face can take pounds off but be careful not to make it so obvious otherwise you will look weird.

2) Blusher and Bronzer

Again a touch just under the cheekbone towards the center of the ear can slim your face down. Apply sparingly at first and put more on if need be. Again, this is not an area to go crazy in as you will look like a clown.


1) Nice full lips are always an attention grabber but if you have concentrated on your eyes, then you need to go a little more neutral on the lips. We are not saying totally nude, as it does not suit everyone but a pink tone to a neutral color will make lips look natural and sexy, bringing attention again to the center of the face.


It pays to experiment and see what works best for you. Using the make up application techniques above, try out a few of the ideas and then take pictures of yourself.

Compare the different techniques and colors you have used and stick with the ones that work. With time, you will find the best colors that suit you the best and the best techniques to losing pounds off your face.

Study the pictures above too and see how Vadim Andreev has taken pounds and years off a face with a few ingenious makeup strokes.

This is the power of good makeup application!






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