The Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Oil Hair Care Line – Yes or No?

kardashian sisters

What commercial items are these sisters NOT in? It seems they have their fingers in every available pie to maximize their exposure and earnings. (It would be nice to see them give some to charity – but that’s another post). So here we have the Black Seed Oil for hair, and the verdict is…….



We’ve reached Kardashian saturation — they’re present within all realms of entertainment and commerce and I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will probably be reading about this damn family until the day that I die. Still, when the Kardashian Beauty Black Seed Oil Hair Care Line landed on my desk recently, I resolved to give it a shot for a couple of reasons. I’d always heard surprisingly glowing reviews of their other beauty products like their self-tanner and flat irons, and I figured that the Kardashians, with their very processed hair (why else do you think they rely on weaves so much?) would …

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