Ten Anti Aging Tips to Implement Now (Regardless of Your Age)

Anti Aging Tips - stop smoking


anti-aging-tipsWhen we are young we never think we will one day grow old. Or older anyway.

I certainly didn’t. Good grief I was going to be young forever – what lines? what grey hair? what wrinkles? anti aging tips? Don’t make me laugh!

Then the first little line appears, or that stray white hair is sitting there one morning when you wake up, waving at you in the mirror. Panic station! When did that happen?

We have heard celebrities bemoaning not listening to their mother’s beauty advise, or wishing they had paid more attention to their beauty routines when they were younger.

So we have compiled ten anti aging tips that you can start today so that you can delay those little tell tale lines and wrinkles a little longer.


Ten Anti Aging Tips to Follow Today:


1) Stay Out of the Sunnicole-kidman-anti aging tips for skin

Yes, I know you have all heard this one before but it is worth hammering home.

Why else do you think celebrities such as Cate Blanchett or Nicole Kidman stay so fresh and young looking? Madonna swears she stays out of the sun and these are women who have truly flawless looking young skin.

Best anti-aging advice.

You have been warned. Sunscreen everyday girls…


anti aging tips - hair dyes2) Dye Your Hair Only When You Need To

OK, we have all been there. At age 16, we have pink hair; age 17, we have green hair; age 18, we have purple hair and all the colors in between throughout our teenage years.

“Think of your hair as a bank account,” says Craig Withers, director of Melbourne’s Urban Escape Hair.”If you keep withdrawing, it soon empties. When permanent colour is applied to natural hair it opens the cuticle and removes or alters the natural colour. This deteriorates its condition over time.”

We couldn’t agree more so stop that rainbow nonsense on your hair.


aging eyes3) Use a Good Eye Cream

Your eyes are the windows to your soul so why would you want them to be surrounded by unappealing fine lines?

Just because you lash on moisturizer does not mean your eyes are protected either.

“Women tend to turn to eye creams only when the first lines appear,” says Sue Dann, training manager at Dr Spiller.”Moisturiser is used instead, which is not formulated to work with the delicate eye tissue. If a pH-balanced eye product is used from teenage years, the signs of ageing will be lessened.”

Cool eye gels work just as fine if you do not like the feel of cream.


Anti Aging Tips - stop smoking4) Don’t Smoke

It’s not cool and it does nothing for your image so don’t do it.

“Smoking is the second leading cause of premature wrinkles. It upsets the body’s mechanism for breaking down old skin and renewing it.”

Every time you drag on a cigarette more wrinkles form around the mouth; the toxic fumes go all over your face and the poison in your system makes sure you age in a quick  and ugly manner.

If you do not want to have old wrinkly skin, it is time to ditch that packet of ciggies now.


5) Get Enough SleepGood Sleep can keep you young

You hardly look good after an all nighter when you are young, so what do you think you will look like when you get older? Never mind an all nighter, just not getting enough sleep will age you ten years overnight.

Sleep and rest gives your body time to restore and rejuvenate; not enough zzzz and your metabolism could be disrupted, hastening the aging process.

Get yourself a nice cup of herbal tea, get to bed early and wake up looking fresh and dewy. This is one of the best natural anti-aging secrets around!


anti aging tips - Women Wearing Colorful Bathing Caps6) Move Around and Exercise

Madonna works out at least three hours a day and can do things with her body a twenty year old would find hard to do.

Just imagine what half and hour a day can do for you!

“Exercise is the number one anti-aging medicine, and the benefits are immense. For starters, it is a great anti-stressor. It also improves circulation, which in turn improves skin complexion. It can help maintain healthy body weight, increase bone density, and build muscle. Exercise also strengthens the heart, and can reduce risk of certain cancers. We lose 4 percent of muscle mass for every 10 years after the age of 20. Running is good for the heart and weight training increases metabolism and bone strength. Stretching and yoga are also extremely beneficial. “


7) Don’t Forget Your Neck, Hands and Decolletageanti aging decolletage

We are all so concentrated on our face that we sometimes forget about the rest of our body parts, especially the neck, hands and decolletage.

Nothing screams ‘OLD’ louder that a dried lined neck, a pair of age spotted hands or a decolletage so wrinkled it looks like a road map of New York.

One way to tell the true sign of age, so the saying goes, is to look at someone’s hands or their decolletage.

Don’t give people that satisfaction – make sure you take care of these areas like you would for your eye area, and remember to apply sun screen there too.

Your neck, hands and decolletage should be as much a part of your beauty routine as your face.


anti aging teeth

8. Look After Your Teeth

Want to look a million dollars when you smile? Take care of your gums and teeth.

Nothing is more aging or unattractive than yellow teeth that are all crooked, chipped or missing.

We all loath going to the dentist, but your dentist could be one of your best friends in your fight against aging.

Studies have also shown that periodontal diseases could affect the brain – so not only will you look old, you can also have your brain functions affected.

Attractive? Not.



9) Drink More Water, Alcohol in ModerationDrink more water - anti aging health

Don’t want to sound like a party pooper here but you need to tone down on all those margaritas and vodkas.

Drink red wine instead as studies have shown red wine in moderation is beneficial to health.

“Additional compounds in red wine seem to benefit the heart and blood vessels. Drinking also appears to guard against macular degeneration, an incurable eye disease.  Alcohol in moderation can also help sustain brain function.”

As for water, it flushes out toxins and keeps your body hydrated.


“Water composes more than half our bodies, one quarter of our bones, and one third of our brains.  It is present in every cell and tissue of the body and every bodily function, from breathing to eating to thinking — is utterly dependent upon it.  Drink one 8-ounce (236 milliliter) glass of distilled water, with a pinch of salt (for electrolytes), every 1 to 2 hours that you are awake.   You may need to drink more when you are physically active”


best anti aging secrets - be happy10) Be Happy

Yes, this is the final one of our anti aging tips but also one of the most important.

There is nothing better than having a good laugh with family and friends where ever you are.

You do not need to be rich or famous to do this – all you need are good friends and strong family ties.

“People with a close circle of friends may outlive those who merely have strong family ties.  From the Australian Longitudinal Study of Aging, involving 1,477 men and women aged 70 or more, researchers from Flinders University (Australia) determined in 2005 that greater networks of friends protected against death during a ten-year study period.  Having a small circle of confidants, or a social network comprised of solely of relatives, were far weaker contributors to longevity.”


So laugh hard and live long. Guard your friends and family like gold. Follow our anti aging tips above and you will be well on your way to looking young, feeling great and living a long and happy life.





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