Some Amazing Halloween Makeup Tutorials

It’s that time of the year again where you dare to be something or someone else; where you reinvent yourself to an alternate being and do something outrageous, unexpected and totally out of character. We are of course talking about Halloween.

There is no other time where you can experiment with makeup and all its accompaniments like Halloween so we have selected a few (more glamorous ones) that we think are quite awe inspiring, just in time for the festive day. Some we came across, good as they were, would just give us too many nightmares (trust us on this one).

Vampires can be sexy, surreal, and dangerous looking – we love this look:


Animal prints are also a favorite and this one is not hard to do:


We cannot forget the doll look and this one is just right for those big dolly eyes:

Insects, especially the creepy crawly kind are also a favorite:


Transform yourself into someone else:


We know some of you boys love makeup and we have not forgotten you:

Hope you enjoyed these. We would love to see your looks for Halloween so show us on our facebook page!