Real Men Don’t Wear Meggings (Or Do They?)


Meggings, or men’s leggings are fast becoming a hot fashion topic for men all over the world. Debates whether this is a UK thing (as in Shakespeare) or a US thing (as in anything goes) is still out there, but there is no denying that meggings are hitting big name  retails stores such as Nike and Prada.




To Wear Or Not To Wear Meggings – That is the Question

It was a matter of time really now that guys are wearing makeup and making Youtube videos about it. Moulding and frankly leaving not much to the imagination, meggings are not for the faint hearted : either as a wearer or as someone who has to look at the wearer.

You need to be of a certain well toned and lean physique to pull it off (just think of a size 18 woman in tight leggings), and you need to have the fashion acumen and panache to make it look right. You know, a little camp, a little androgynous, a little ‘look at me’ kind of guy.


Meggings for guys (2)


I cannot really think of any modern day A list celebrities wearing men’s leggings : Tom Cruise? Ummm… no. George Clooney? OMG… or maybe Brad Pitt? OK…. let’s not go there.

One person I funnily do think of wearing meggings and actually looking good wearing them is this year’s UK X factor contestant Rylan Clark. Super tall, skinny and not abash to do botox and have his eye brows plucked – he is basically the epitome of the meggings wearing man.




To further understand what the meggings trend is doing, senior fashion editor of Yahoo Shine Joanna Douglas asked a few influential men fashion editors from publications such as Esquire, Vanity Fair, Glamour and GQ.

Here is an excerpt:


What types of men do you think would wear meggings?

Vanity Fair: They are clearly risk takers, but it’s the wrong risk. It just shouldn’t be done. I don’t care how cute you are, or how great your body is.

GQ: Most men who wear meggings are simply fashion victims. Fashion designers notoriously create clothes that are meant to challenge and provoke and question the boundaries of social acceptability. What you don’t want to do is be the guy who then buys and wears the clothes that fit in that category.

Esquire: Ones with fantastically toned legs that they just need to show off to the world? Honestly, though, I think it’s the kind of guy who’s willing to get pretty out there in the way he dresses. He’s probably not afraid to wear a leather skirt, either. So, maybe it’s Kanye.

Glamour: According to reports, it’s the British.


Read more from the interview here.

So what do you think? A fashion hazard or a great addition to boring ol’ jeans? Would you go out with a guy wearing men’s leggings? It will be super interesting to hear your thoughts.








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