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Florence Colgate

The trend for looking naturally beautiful continues with a winner in the Lorraine cosmetics competition called “Lorraine : Naked”

Natural beauty Florence Colgate beat out 8,000 contestants to win the converted title “Britain’s Most Beautiful Face”.

The entrance rules? No surgery, no make up, nothing false. Just natural.

The eighteen year old Dover Grammar School student had no experience of modelling or doing photo shoots.

She was just encouraged by family and friends to enter because of her flawless skin and her natural beauty.


My family and friends told me to enter because I don’t really wear a lot of makeup,” Florence Colgate told “Good Morning America.”  “Obviously my family has always said that ‘you’re beautiful,’ but that’s just because they’re biased slightly.”

“I’m quite a humble person,” she said.  “I don’t really feel any different really.

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The Natural Beauty Formula – Golden Ratio the Perfect Face

The ancient Greeks had a formula to measure perfect beauty – the distance between the eye and the mouth should be a third of your face (from forehead to chin) or 32.8% and she fitted into that optimal formula perfectly.

It’s amazing that someone can work out your scientific measurements and decide whether you’re beautiful or not, she said.


The beauty secret of the Most Beautiful Face 2012? Lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. Especially fruits.

Fruit is very good for your skin.  And also water, drinking lots of water.


Florence Colgate - natural beauty golden ratio

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