Mens Makeup – Move Over Girls…


Mens Makeup – Coming to a Store Near You

Mens Makeup – did us girls really think makeup was sacrilegious to us only? Or that retailers and marketers are going to let this segment of the market go untapped?

Men have insecurities about looking good too and now marketers are moving in like packs of wolves to cater to (and accentuate) these weak spots. Sure, we all want to see better groomed men who look after themselves, but lip gloss and eye cream?

“I think what you start to realize is that men have been made to feel just as insecure as women have for decades. Now with the commodification of manliness, we’re seeing through advertisements and through magazines this idea that you’re too fat, you’re not good enough, you should look better, if you really want to get a woman this is what you should do.” says Morgan Spurlock, the documentarian behind the beauty documentary Mansome.

Mens Makeup On The Rise

By 2016, sales are expected to hit $3.2 billion for men’s toiletries, up from $2.2 billion in 2006 but whatever you do, it isn’t called makeup.mens makeup

Makeup is what your girlfriend, mum or Kurt in ‘Glee‘ would wear – all pink with gold lettering and smelling of flowers.

Men don’t want to be laughed off the face of this earth at the locker room when they whip out their delicate little pot of anti aging eye cream with the matt gold lid.

They want to whip something out that all their fellow locker mates will look at and approve of, something manly, something strong, something that even though it is a girly thing, it’s ok because it has some macho sounding name like The Power Eraser and the packaging is all dark and chunky, looking like cigar boxes or grenades.

Guys, it’s the same thing but called a different name and in a different packaging…


““We don’t say the ‘M’ word. It’s taboo,” said Michele Probst, founder of Menaji, a high-end men’s line carried at and department stores.”

Menaji?? Well, I suppose it does have the word “men” in it, but they sell their men’s cosmetics products with names such as CAMO Urban Camouflage which obviously gives it that manly combat, fighting , war, army feel (and what’s manlier than fighting and being in the army?)

The inspiration for their men’s face skin care packaging? Motor oil cans and liquor bottles with names such as ‘Turbo Wash’ and ‘Beard Lube’.


Trailer for Mansome


Another one of these men’s makeup brands is Jack Black (nothing to do with the actor Jack Black) had the name because it was a bloke’s bloke kind of name.
mens makeup
It’s monosyllable and dark and they market their products with footballing terms such as “the Defensive Line” and “Repeat Defender”, ostensibly giving the not so subtle message that the products muscles through that sagging jowl or the wriggly bits around the eyes.

Retailers such as Nordstrom and Macy’s are also making moves to cater to this growing market by creating an entirely different “shopping environment” for men.

You won’t find any ‘Sandblasters’ or ‘Turbo Boosts’ (our made up names for an exfoliant and a toner) in the ladies aisles; no, men’s grooming will be moved to their own Men’s Grooming Zone (Macy), or “Guy Aisles” (CVS).

(note : ‘grooming’ not ‘makeup’)


“Men are just more comfortable in their own environment, away from makeup and pink,” Nordstrom’s national merchandise manager for fragrances Jennifer Kovacs said, adding that male grooming is “a really strong and growing category for us.”

“Mature men are trying to be competitive in the workplace, and for those who are online dating, there is a desire to be as vibrant looking as possible,” Karen Grant, a beauty analyst at NPD Group said. “The younger generation has grown up with Mom slathering sunblock on their face, so they are coming up aware of facial skin care.”

We asked around and were a bit taken a back on how knowledgeable some of our men friends were on skin care products, and how willing they were to shop for themselves and try new things out. But male makeup is still a delicate area that needs to be approached with caution.

As Marquez Briggs a 30 year old ‘Mansome’ music producer from Los Angeles said:

“If they grab a tube and squeeze out anything resembling makeup, they would run for the hills,” he said. “It’s a slippery slope for guys.”


Watch this hilarious shampoo ad for men :



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