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Makeup artists brush kit.
Makeup artists brush kit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Information overload – that’s what I feel like when I read all the advise, tips and trends for makeup… One makeup artist to the stars will say graphic bold colors and the next will say barely there minimal chic; it’s enough to make you want to hide under your makeup table!

So what’s a girl to do?

First off, we need to talk about your own style. Yes, bushy eyebrows all brushed up may be in, but if it makes you look like a startled furry animal then it is best avoided, or parred down.

Julianne Kaye

Julianne Kaye of the TV program Fashion Star has some good advice on how to introduce new trends:

“The important thing is to have some sort of balance. The trend right now is a bold color lip trend but you don’t want to do that with your smokey eye. What I usually say to people, like for the neon trend that’s so big right now, is go and get some nail polish and start to introduce little pops of color that are really hot for this season into your wardrobe. For your nails or lips, do it in pops and little places but don’t overdo it.”

Sticks with what works and then add your own little twist to update the look.




Carmindy (Photo credit: blackbird)

Carmindy, star of What Not to Wear suggests a timeless look that can be created with a simple eye liner; or more specifically, a thicker lash line:

“We talk about skin, blush, lipstick, shadow, but a thicker, beautiful lash line is all you need to walk out of the house and look like a million bucks.”

“My favorite way to do it is to sweep a pencil along the upper lash line, as close to the roots as possible, then wiggle it between those roots. Take a flat angle brush and smooth over the liner, so you don’t have a perfect line, but just a hint of smudge, which makes it look more natural.”

She also suggests using a eye liner color that is different from your own eye color, such as navy blue on brown eyes, or plum on green eyes. A good eye cream applied in your twenties is also a savior and will set you up to look good for years to come.

As for the trendy glittering metallic eye shadows, she suggests

“Put a bit of shadow on the back of your hand, walk into the daylight, and if you see chunks of mica, it’s too glittery,”

Angelina-Jolie-LipsLori Neapolitan

Now we also know that full sexy lips a la Angeline Jolie are in and have been in for a long time. With nude lips seen on many star and celebrities, it is even more important to make sure they look plump, conditioned and pouty.

Celebrity makeup artist Lori Neapolitan has this advise for the lips :

“…start with a lighter color of lipstick before you add a darker shade. She also suggests that you apply a lip liner around the outsides of the lips after you’re done applying the lipstick. Finally, she cautions women to make sure the strokes of their lip liner move in an upward direction.”

 Alexis Vogel

Alexis Vogel has been behind some amazing transformations not just for celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Paula Abdul, but also for ordinary everyday folks. She is one of the few makeup artists who also does hair and this is her advise on hair :

“Large rollers work best for big soft waves!! If you only have a smaller size set of rollers, just section out a larger chunk of hair for each roller. Always twist each section a little bit, spray & then roll. If you do the “twist” it will not get as curly that way! If you do not want it too curly do no spray each section, just mist all over after your hair is set. After you take rollers out- just finger through gently and separate. Turn your head over and toss it about. As you are shaking it, spray it too! I like Sebastian Shaper a lot because it does not dry hard and it will not dry your hair out either!

Here are some amazing transformation pictures for you to mull on. OK, lighting does wonders when you do professional photography but the transformations are still incredible!


Alexis Vogel Makeover 1 - beforeAlexis Vogel Makeover 1 - after


Alexis Vogel Makeover 2 - beforeAlexis Vogel Makeover 2 - after

Regarding Rolling: It is best not to part it all perfectly, just grab sections in different sizes and amounts of hair, with no rhyme or reason. It comes out less beauty pageant and more current with soft, sexy, natural waves. You are now tossled.”


See more makeovers here

Pat McGrath

Louis Vuitton SS12 Makeup by Pat McGrath
Image by Imaxtree

Pat has done more shows and put makeup on more models than we dare to count and is considered the doyenne of all makeup artists. So when she is ready to impart a few makeup tips for this spring/summer 2012 season, you sit up and pay attention :

  1. Those thick lashes at the Louis Vuitton show are the result of ten layers of mascara. For a full on look, put mascara on your own lashes first before putting on false ones.
  2. Red eye shadow looks great on the runway but is hard to wear in real life. For bold colors go for blue, green and purple and leave the red to lips.
  3. Two different colors of blush will give the best results. Combine the two or layer the light one over the darker shade.
  4. ‘Bare’ look does not mean no makeup. In fact, it takes more work to look ‘natural’. Fix problems such as brow shape, uneven skin tone and blemishes to get that glowing ‘natural’ look.
  5. Super shiny lacquer lips that stays on is the result of lip stain + lipstick + lip gloss
  6. To get more natural looking lashes, apply a bit of brown mascara on the tips of lashes after you have applied black.
  7. Pat uses CoverGirl Intense Shadow Blast Eye Shadow for highlighting anything from brows to eyes.
  8. Pat swears by professional brow shaping as that is what frames the face and gives that polished runway look.
  9. If getting professional shaping is not possible, feather in the sparse patches with a sharp eyebrow pencil and fill in with brow powder. Use brown not black for a more natural look.
  10. For dramatic metallic lips, dab a bit og gold metallic powder on lips after you have applied the lipstick. Or if you want the Balenciaga look, dot a bit of black makeup in the centre of your dark red lips and blend.


Hope this little fly on the wall report on this year’s trend as seen by top makeup artists to the stars will help you on your way to looking glamorous and fab this summer!

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