MAC Strength – Female Body Builder Looks Stunning In Ad


Amazing Female Body Builder In MAC Strength

When an image makes you stop and look twice, you know that brand or that story has got your attention.

Makeup advertisements are mainly (99%) made up of young, pouty, willowy models who look more emancipated than healthy. There faces are just a canvas, souped up to convey a ‘mood’, to make you want to live the life the picture is suggesting; to make you feel that you too, could be just like that, if only you run out and get that lipstick.

In this MAC Strength ad, the female body builder is Serbian-American fitness model and body builder Jelena Abbou – and my doesn’t she look absolutely incredible!


MAC Strength - Jelena Abbou


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Here are three good reasons why we love this MAC Strength ad :

1) In a society where men are suppose to be the stronger sex and women the subservient weaker sex, Jelena is saying ‘No Way’ and flying in the face of what is deemed a ‘feminine’ body (you know – not too muscular, thin frames with flat stomachs, plenty of cleavage etc…). Not only does she look strong and imposing – she is in control and we love her for that.

2) A physically well developed woman has always been viewed with suspicion. “What’s wrong with her?” “Is she a dyke?” when it is simply a woman who has taken charge of her body by diligently eating right, exercising consistently to maximize her body and not being afraid to flaunt it.


Samantha Escobar from Blisstree sums it up beautifully here:

We all know that our society often fat shames people they deem overweight and sometimes body shame those declared too thin, but many men and women consider very muscular women to be “gross” or “unappealing.” I find this strange, since — while I don’t remotely condone it — fat and thin shamers tend to at least cite health as a typical reason for being assholes. When it comes to insulting muscular females, this logic makes no sense; typically, those women work out frequently and eat incredibly well in order to achieve the bodies they have. Why insult them?


3) She looks incredibly sexy and feminine in a way that makes you stop and think, rather than giggle and be embarrassed. Her makeup is incredible, her hair is swept up and polished and her pose just gives the compelling message that you can be strong, in control, well honed and super sexy too.


“Fearless Femininity, Powerful Color” – Damn right and kudos to MAC!


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