Korean Air Offers Makeup Lessons For Men



Makeup for Men Tips

Makeup lessons for female flight attendant are part and parcel of the job for most airlines but now Korean Air is offering the same beauty enhancing lessons and male grooming advise for their male staff.

74 new male recruits gathered at the Korean Air flight attendant training center in Seoul to learn all about skin care, grooming and makeup lessons for men.




Male Grooming Takes New Heights

The “image making for service men” made sure all the new lads were well versed in the application of sunscreen (to protect skin from premature aging), skin care (to ensure smooth, clean and blemish free faces) and the correct application of BB cream (a foundation like tinted cream that is primer, protector, concealer and skin regulator all in one).

Note : The Korean BB Cream craze has spread all over the world. See out top ten BB creams here

This male grooming training was aimed at the ground staff which means that in the not too distant future, flying Korean Air will mean you will be met with a well groomed male ground staff, with an even skin tone and perfectly moisturized face.

“We plan on continuing the image-enhancing education, including basic makeup training, in the future,” said Korean Air public relations representative Hyun-mook Cho.


Male grooming - makeup lessons for men


Cosmetics For Men

No surprise there, the male cosmetic market in Korea was 18% worldwide in 2011 and set to grow.

Even the greatest Korean export – Psy of Gangham Style fame – has been signed up to promote the hit brand ‘Man with Flowers’ from Somang Cosmetics.

“The men’s cosmetics market is increasingly more complex and segmented like the female market so the cosmetics companies are doing their best to make sure their brands and products appeal to men,” a marketing manager at Somang Cosmetics said.


Watch this BBC News video about how cosmetic firms are targeting South Korean men

The best selling products according to Korean cosmetics manufacturer AmorePacific are the products that are an all-in-one.

An after shave lotion that also serves as a sun screen for example, or the always present BB cream that does wonders with one application.

“The skin care cabinet was reserved for women only, but now both business and consumers regard appearance-conscious men as those who care about themselves rather than homosexual,” Ok Eun-jae, a brand marketing manager at AmorePacific said Friday.


Male grooming will not stop at just eye liner for guys so ladies, be warned.

Plus please would bathroom cabinet makers take note.

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