Kim Kardashian – A Journey Through The Years

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Paris L'Officiel cover


There isn’t a day that goes by without some magazine or newspaper or website talking about Kim Kardashian.

The latest of course being the nude magazine cover she did with boyfriend Kanye West in France and her rather protruding and hefty ‘curves’ at the Oscars.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Paris L'Officiel cover


For someone that has no known talents apart from self promotion (she can’t sing or dance), she has done amazingly well. After all she only has her looks and her body to ‘sell’. Oh and the knack for hanging out her whole life, warts and all, on some gigantic wash line for the whole world to see.

So it really piqued our interest when we saw these set of pictures from Daily Glow. From looking more like an infatuated groupie (spots, bangs and all) to mega queen of false eye lashes and severe face contouring – here are some of her evolutions over the years:




Seeing double or are we spotting a pattern? A rather more ordinary looking Kim in 2005 with Ray J.




Obviously the pre-contour and permanent makeup artist days – Kim’s makeup looks haphazard and unrefined. Still the look is ‘real’ enough.




The start of the scary spidery eye lashes in 2008. The saying “less is more” certainly applies here. Pity she cannot hear it.




This was an interesting development in 2009. Actually her makeup here looks better and more ‘natural’ than the scary spider look. As for the blonde hair – it suits her. It’s a look we think many will approve of.




The rather obvious ‘contour’ makeup look that she tweeted to all her Twitter followers. Yes, we can see it and no, it’s not very flattering.

As for scary spider lashes, well they seem to have procreated, multiplied and are all jostling to be noticed.  Yes we see you…..



See  Kim’s Oscar party pictures here

Pregnancy seems to be adding some extra unwanted weight for her already curvy figure, and it does not help when she dresses to accentuate the bad :


Pregnant Kim Kardashian in dodgy snake print peplum pants


Mmmm… she did express a wish to be more ‘private’ in future, but the lime light is going to be an addiction hard to shake off. What do you think?

Check out more pictures of her evolution over the years at the Daily Glow and some of her early pregnancy styles at the Huffington Post.


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