Ken Meet Barbie, Barbie Meet Ken…

Barbie and Ken


With Valentine’s Day approaching, iconic couples come to mind.

In Hollywood, you have Brad and Angeline, Justin and Jennifer…

In the music world you have J.Lo and Casper, Madonna and Brahim (a bit of a toy boy fest really) and…

In the not so real real world, you have Barbie and Ken aka Valeria and Justin.


Ukrainian Barbie and US Ken


Ukrainian born Valeria Lukyanova (23) became a web sensation with her super nipped in waist, plastic barbie features and doll like looks but it seems she has met her matched in New Yorker Justin Jedlica (32), a real life size Ken.

So did they meet, fall in love and run off into the sunset with surfboard in hand and long blonde hair swaying?

Not quite.


Barbie and Ken


A slanging match started with Ken accusing Barbie of being just a painted fake illusion, an illusion not dissimilar to a drag queen whilst Barbie shot back that he has had 100 plastic surgery operations and counting and she has had only one.


American Justin said of Valeria: “Much of her look is added make-up, fake hair and slimming corsets. Drag queens have put on the same illusions for years.”

Ukrainian Valeria hit back: “Justin said bad things about me but he had more than 90 operations, while I had only one.

“I am not hiding that I’ve had plastic surgery. I had breast implants because I want to be perfect.

“He would do better not to comment on who is plastic and who is not. I think he is handsome man — but he overdid his lips.”


So who is Justin Jedlica?


Justin Jedlico aka Ken


Justin is from new York and has spent the last fourteen years getting more than 90 operations to look perfect – and perfect to Justin is to look like the plastic doll Ken.


It all started when as a gawky teenager, he was laughed at for his looks and for his long lean frame. So he started to trawl through fashion magazines to re-create a ‘perfect’ body and ‘perfect’ face by tearing images of various models out.


Justin aka Ken before and after


Over time, he realized that the most perfect model was Ken and is on a mission to plasticize himself till he is fully Ken like. So far he has spent over $90,000 on operations alone and it is an ongoing project.


He said: “When I was 14 I started drawing pictures of what I wished I looked like with a thin pointy nose, flat forehead and blue eyes.

“I would even photo copy pictures of myself, alter them with pencils and erasers to make myself look more attractive.

“As time went on I began to realise more and more that my ideal look was actually Barbie’s boyfriend Ken.”


At age eighteen, he took the first plunge with money from his mother to have the first of his five nose jobs (it’s still not perfect according to him). This was followed by PRK laser eye surgery, teeth bonding and bleaching, cheek and chin fillers, lip injections, cranial brow lift, botox (4 times a year) and skin rejuvenation.




In order to get that perfect plastic body, he has had pectoral implants, bicep and tricep implants, a ground breaking shoulder implant surgery and 13 rounds of fillers to perk up his bum.
Is there anything left to do? Apparently so – plans are underway for quad and calf implants, abdominal implants and even a procedure to make his eyes blue.




Amazingly he has never had any complications to date.
Will he ever stop?


“I love the fact that I’ve had 100 different cosmetic procedures as it’s helped set me apart as a unique individual.”Some people might say I look overdone, but really I’m just trying to look like an improved version of myself.

“I’m the only human Ken doll in the world and to me that’s quite an accomplishment.”


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