Kate Middleton’s New Fringe


The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has got herself a new fringe and it is causing a minor sensation around the globe. Mind you, she could do anything and it will reverberate around the world for no reason other than it is Kate Middleton.

Some commentators have said it makes her look old, whilst others have reported that she is ‘regretting’ it.

Like us, we are sure you would have at some point wondered how she would look in a totally different hairstyle.

Just for a bit of fun, the Daily Mail in the UK did just that, looking at some well known Hollywood hairstyles to the more home grown celebrity varieties, they used photo shop to change her hair just to see what she would look like without the well known blown dried brown hair.

What do you think?


Kate as Jennifer – They could be Friends

Kate Middleton as Aniston


Kate as the health conscious Gwyneth

Kate Middleton as Gwyneth


Kate as the delectable Keira Knightly

Kate Middleton as Keira Knightly


Kate as Cheryl – a Girls Aloud member?

Kate Middleton as Cheryl Cole



Or maybe you have some other ideas. Let us know!





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