Juice Detox For Clearer Skin And A Toxin Free Body

juice detox and juice fasting


Juice Detox For Better Skin and Healthier Body


Juice Detox


Our system is just too overloaded these days with toxins. From air pollution to water contamination, pesticides and chemicals injected into meats that we eat, it’s no wonder we are all just walking toxic beings.

Our body does its best to try and get rid of all the crap and one of the ways we try to remove this toxicity build up is through our skin.

The result could be dull looking, blemish filled skin.

This is a time to go on a good juice fasting detoxification program to give your skin, as well as your internal organs, a chance to clear and heal. Fasting has been used for thousands of years to gain better health and to get rid of toxins in your body.


juice fasting for better intestine health


The Internal Waste We Carry

When you think that you could be harboring anything from 1-10 lbs or more of blocked waste in your intestines, festering and putrefying, giving off noxious gases and toxins, it pays to do a juice fasting course and rid your body of this poison.

Give Your Body A Break

Juice fasting will give your immune system a chance to really work at problem areas without having to cope with daily added toxins. It is like giving the immune system a break from its daily combat to really zone in on dealing with big health issues.

After going through a juice fasting period, you will benefit from a healthier digestive system, better looking clear skin and more energy.

You can create your own program and do the skin/body juice fasting from the comfort of your own home. Just make sure you do it when you have a few days of quiet time and do not have a hectic social schedule.


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These are the three steps you will need to take:


Juice Fasting Detoxification Step 1:

Prepare Your Body

Don’t shock your body by going from junk food junkie one day to water only the next. Your body needs to be notified of this impending juice fasting cleanse and to prepare itself for best results.

Two days before the fast eats fresh fruits and vegetables only. Keep them uncooked if you can or lightly steamed if you need to. No store bought juices or canned stuff. Just fresh fruits and vegetables – if you can get organic, so much the better.

Cut Out Caffeine and Alcohol

Cut out on caffeine, sugar, salt and alcohol. Yes, you will need to give up your caffeine fix in the mornings but you can drink caffeine free herbal teas. Great skin detox teas include milk thistle, dandelion, peppermint, chamomile and burdock. Pick your favorites and and drink it a few times a day.

Water, Water and More Water

Then you will need to go into some serious water drinking : First thing in the morning, drink 500-750ml of room temperature or warm water with a squeeze of lemon or some 100% pure aloe vera juice. Build it up to one litre if you can. Drink it all in one go without stopping whilst standing up. This will really kick start the cleansing process of your digestive system. Drink 6-8 250ml glasses of water after that during the day.


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Juice Fasting Detoxification Step 2:

After two days, you are going into the actual cleansing juice fasting period. Why juice and not water only? Well, a water only fast will release the toxins in your body too quickly and you will experience some unpleasant side effects such as migraines, irritability, tiredness and even skin eruptions.

Now you may experience some of these symptoms anyway, but a water only fast will make those symptoms worse. Plus your body still needs nutrients and vitamins.

For this detox juice fasting program, you can do it anywhere from one to five days. Some people do it for up to ten days for even better results but if this is your first time, stick to one to three days.

Caution : If you are ill or suffering from a disease like diabetes, or if you are pregnant or breast feeding, do not go on an detox juice fasting program. For fasts of over three days, you should consult your doctor for supervision.


vegetable for body and skin juice detox


Some juice fasting recipes:

Fruit juices will help cleanse and nourish your body:

Great fruits to use include : apples, watermelon, lemon, pear, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, grapes, cranberries.

Vegetable juice will restore your immune system, remove acid waste and remove excess body fat.

Great vegetables include : cabbage, carrot, beet, watercress, cucumber, celery, parsley, kale, wheat grass, onions.

For added power : put in a small clove of garlic or a spoonful of powdered greens such as spirulina.

Fruit and vegetable juices should not be mixed together with the exception of apple. Some fruits and vegetables are best on their own such as watermelon (one of the best skin clearing juices), but here are a few skin and body detox juice fasting recipes:


green juice skin detoxification


Juice Detox Recipe 1:

3 carrots (or 2 pears) + 1 apple + one slice of fresh ginger


Juice Detox Recipe 2:

1 apple + 1/2 cup berries (blueberries, strawberries) +one bunch of grapes + one kiwi


Juice Detox Recipe 3:

3 carrots + a bunch of watercress + one small clove of peeled garlic + few sprigs of parsley


Juice Detox Recipe 4:

1/2 a small head of cabbage + 2 carrots + small clove of peeled garlic + a bunch of wheat grass + 1/4 cup of water

(always drink cabbage juice immediately)


Juice Detox Recipe 5:

1 cucumber + 2 stalks celery + 2 carrots + a bunch of spinach + a few sprigs of parsley


acne juice skin cleansing


Juice Fasting Detoxification Step 3:

Congratulations! you have completed the juice fasting program. You have lost a few pounds and your skin is looking much fresher, clearer and healthier – don’t ruin it all now by rushing off to the nearest fast food outlet and stuffing yourself.

In fact, you should come off the fast much the same as when you prepared yourself for it, by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also start introducing small amount of plainly cooked foods.

Small Meals Frequently

The main thing is to eat small amounts frequently so that your digestive system can have time to adjust, and not to get overloaded again too soon with fats, sugar and salt. Consider taking some vitamin supplements.

Fasting Time Frame

The juice fasting detoxification process can be done once a month for one to three days, or two to four times a year of you do it longer. It is up to you but the main thing is to keep your body healthy and as toxin free as possible, so that your skin will have a chance to glow.