Jane Fonda Looks Amazing in Cannes 2013 at Age 75


The Cannes Film Festival in France is showcasing some pretty hot looking celebrities.

That’s to be expected – all those young nimble  actresses, so fresh, toned and confident.

But the one person that has totally stole the show is a 75 year old actress.

Looking better, sometimes much better, than most actresses a third her age, Jane Fonda has proved that age is just a number.

Her elegance, poise and not to mention totally incredible body has wowed the world.

Take a look:


Jane Fonda turquoise Cannes 2013


Jane Fonda Versace Cannes 2013


Jane Fonda pink 2 Cannes 2013


jane Fonda Cannes 2013


Want to know how she does it or how you can look like that too (never mind at age 75, we all want to look like that now!)


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