Of all the royals, it seems Prince Harry is one of the hardest working. It could be that he has more time being young and free, and could give a lot more but even when he has so many commitments, he gives his full attention to all of them.

And that’s why we love him!


Over the last few years, Prince Harry has been of the royal family’s busiest members, continuing his mother’s legacy by supporting good causes, travelling the world, and always finding time to fit in a spot of polo. From the Invictus Games to the many tours he’s embarked on, Harry rubs shoulders with politicians, celebrities, sports stars, and admirers the world over. If you didn’t find yourself falling a little bit in love with the real-life Prince Charming last year, maybe this will tip you over the edge. We’ve gathered up the best photos of Harry charming everyone from Michelle Obama to One Direction, proving that this royal prince makes friends wherever he goes.

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