Interview With Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova

Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Hits New York


It was only a matter of time before an American magazine such as V magazine, would seek out and fly the internet human barbie doll phenomenon Valeria Lukyanova to New York for an interview and a fashion shoot.

And what an interesting exchange.

Reading some of the comments below various coverage of the interview, many people were sprouting how she was ‘sick in the head’ or just ‘another blonde with fake boobs and a bunch of makeup’.

Admittedly she is not your run of the mill girl-next-door kind of girl but how does that differ from a bunch of so called celebrities (from A to Z listers) we see on a daily basis?

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Valeria Lukayanova, also known by her Atlantean spiritual name Amatue (which means sun goddess), was born in Tiraspol in Moldavia, but presently resides in the Ukrainian town of Odessa.


Valeria sees herself as a musician, a creative artist and as she claims on her website “endowed by nature with extraordinary external data”.

“The questions of what we are and why we exist have interested me from my earliest childhood,” she says. A teacher of “out of body” travel, she believes this “is the future of mankind and that it has huge potential. Hidden reserves will be tapped soon.”

Valeria writes and creates her own new age opera music and sites Sarah Brightmen and Enigma as musicians who inspire her.

In the interview, she says she gets her creativity on various trips in her astral body where she can ‘collaborate’ with other musicians

Read more about out of body travel here.


Asked about her fashion style, Valeria credits her spirituality and how that affects how she sees herself:

My mood is created by meditation and energy techniques. It makes me want to see everything as beautiful and bright, refined and original. I’m an idealist and a perfectionist, and I want my looks to reflect the world within me and how I feel.

This is how she described a typical day :

In the morning I work on my face and I get a massage, then I spend some time on the Internet. I meditate and travel in my astral body, and after that I work out at the gym. I go for a walk with my best girlfriend, I get home, and I make dinner for the man I love. Then I spend some more time on the Internet, do some reading and meditating, and go to bed.

and how she sees the internet reaction that she is receiving because of her body:

I believe that because of it I have a responsibility to bring more good, light, and positive emotions to people. I want to share my art and my music and tell people about my spiritual ideas. When you feel happy, you want to tell everyone about it so that others become happier too.

Read the full interview with Valeria Lukyanova on V magazine here

So is she out of her head, or is this a shrewd young woman who knows who she is, what she wants and is all out to grab life with both hands? The verdict is still out but I am banking on her going far.


Watch her human barbie makeup tutorial here (you may want to put the volume down a bit):

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