Intelligent Techno Sensual Clothing


Once in a while, an exhibition comes along to challenge the norm. Even Karl Lagerfeld, the king of the Paris fashion scene is no match for some of the technical and ’emotional’ clothing on show at the Vienna ‘Technosensual’ exhibition in Austria.

Think about a mood detecting dress that can reflect your heart rate, respiration, skin sensitivity and you can emit color changes, fog vapors, light bulbs to tell others what’s going on inside your mind. Like that person? your dress could turn transparent as he approaches; or is that person lying? your dress could detect whether the other person is being honest or not. Now that would make very interesting business wear.

This is where form meets function, or rather, clothing meets emotion (the tagline is “where fashion meets technology”) and we think some of these designs are amazing:


“The DareDroid is a biomechanic cocktail-making dress on display at the “Technosensual” exhibition in Vienna. Sensors around the wearer’s neck detect when someone approaches and allow the system to dispense a cocktail.

If they move into the wearer’s personal space, the dress stops dispensing the drink.”


“The Bubelle dress, designed for electronics firm Philips, conveys the emotional state of the person wearing the garment through miniature projectors located between the layers of the dress.

A series of sensors collect data such as heart rate and respiration, which is visualized by altering the intensity, shape and colors of light generated by the projectors”


“The “Paparazzi Lover” dress incorporates 62 LED lights that illuminate when it detects photographers’ flash bulbs”


“Intimacy is “a high-tech fashion project exploring the relation between intimacy and technology,” according to its creators. The dress is made out of opaque smart foils that become increasingly transparent based on the wearer’s heart rate, which varies depending on “close personal interactions.””


We love the innovation, the fact that you could wear your feelings on your sleeves (literally) and emotions could be detected and read through your clothing. After all, that’s what we try to do on a daily basis in one form or another, why not make it high tech and so much more transparent?

That’s one sure way to get noticed!


Source : CNN, Eye Tracking