Ingredients To Avoid For Your Skin & Body

Nearly all cosmetics and skin care products come with some pretty cool packaging. That is part of the selling process – to look enticing, credible and pretty. But do you know what’s inside the cream, lotion or gel? Are you putting toxins onto your skin and letting your body absorb it without knowing? It pays to be an informed consumer and below, we found this easy to understand infographic:

…More at 12 Toxic Ingredients to AVOID in Cosmetics & Skin Care Products

It is not what they are telling you but a case of what they are not telling you. In some countries where the safety standards of skin care products are lax, there has been reports of lead laden products poisoning the user. Even well known brands are not immune, so be careful, read the labels and make sure you read up a little on the forbidden ingredients and keep your skin and body toxin free.

Need more convincing? Watch this:





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