Look Years Younger With No Surgery


Facial contrasts - look years youngerIt’s official ladies, a little color on your lips and on your face can make you look years younger and it has been proven scientifically.

Professor Richard Russell in collaboration with a department of the Chanel Research and Technology at Gettysburg College conducted a study with 289 faces ranging from 20 – 70 years old.

He  found that as we age, the color of our skin becomes darker whilst the color of our lips, brows and eyes starts losing its color, fading away and becoming less pronounce.

So with the images he took, he manipulated them by adding a bit more facial contrasts in areas such as the brows and lips and asked 100 participants to rate them according to what they thought the age would be of the people in the images.




The result? You guessed it. The manipulated images with higher facial contrasts were thought to be younger. The loss of contrast or ‘blending in’ on older faces is more noticeable than younger faces and it is this contrast that we subconsciously pick up on when we look at someone.


Dr Russell told Radio 4’s Material World programme: ‘The kind of contrasts that decreased was the contrast between the facial features – the lips, the eyes and the eyebrows with the surrounding skin.

‘So, for example, we found that the redness of the lips decreases with ageing, but the skin that surrounds the lips actually becomes more red, so the redness contrast between lips and the rest of the face decreases with age and that certainly is something that can be manipulated with make-up.’


So as much as the nude lips look is in, it’s time to re-look your makeup application if you want to look and feel younger. Start adding a little color to increase your facial contrasts and you can look years younger without surgery. It does not have to be harsh bright colors, just enough to make your features more prominent.


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So there you have it – a little work on facial contrasts and you will look years younger!

For more information on the study, check out the open access journal PLoS One.


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