How to Stay Safe (and Keep Your Dignity) When You Start Exercising Again


The intentions are always good with exercise. Trouble is we put it off and put it off until the guilt is just too much and we rush to the gym. Determined to make up for lost time (and the appease the guilt demons), we set about our gym routine like some marine on a mission….


safe exercise crop

So you fell off the exercise wagon (bummer), but you’ve finally motivated yourself to start working out again (excellent!). Your renewed commitment to physical fitness is commendable, though from personal experience we must warn you: go too hard at the gym after a weeks-long hiatus and you could hurt yourself. Badly. You could also fall off of a cardio machine or be the person on the mats who, instead of doing crunches, is just laying there in pain. Not a good look. Knowing how to start exercising again without the risk of injury is crucial, and something that New York …

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