Whether they are just holiday snaps or a big wedding party, we all want to look good in photos. That moment captured is forever and you want to make sure you look your best.

Some people look naturally good in pictures, they are more photogenic or they just seems to stand out more but below we have some tips and tricks that will ensure you will look great in any picture:

1) Apply makeup on in natural light. You may think you look fantastic under the harsh bathroom lights, but stepping out in natural light will expose any and all makeup flaws. The best way to avoid looking like a drag queen is to apply your makeup under natural light so you know exactly what you will look like.

2) Avoid anything that is shiny, sparkly or shimmery. Matte makeup is the most flattering for pictures and avoid the unflattering reflection of blotchy shine when the pictures are taken.

3) Don’t forget your brows. Things look a lot lighter in pictures so fill in your brows and accentuate them naturally. A good brow pencil will cover a multitude of sins and frame your eyes.

4) Go a shade darker on lips. One sure way to look washed out is to have lip color that is too pale (unless you have professionals to do your makeup). You will look a lot fresher and your features will look more defined if your lipstick is a shade darker than your natural lip color.

5) A good dose of black mascara. Forget dark brown or any other colors, to look have eyes that stand out and look bright and alert, go for black mascara.

6) Blend, blend and blend some more. Pictures will pick up any streak, stripe or concealer so make sure your blusher, bronzer, contouring powder is blended in flawlessly and avoid those big ski glasses eyes by making sure your concealer looks natural and blended in as well.

Below are more tips from a photographer from Calgary Pix on how to look better in pictures:

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