How These Celebrities Manage to Look So Young

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Are you shocked when you know the actual age of some celebrities? Look at Madonna, she is in her fifties for crying out loud, and her body and face would put a  lot of women twenty years her junior to shame.

Sure, they have all the money in the world to retain personal trainers, get the best plastic surgeons and pay for weeks at bespoke beauty and health spas but surely, they must have one or two tricks, or one or two beauty staples in their make up bags, to keep them that young looking.


So here is the scoop on three celebrities and their beauty skin secrets (well, some of them anyway):



Look Glam Box - MadonnaLets start with Madonna, the queen of the over 50s flawless skin. Yes, she has had some help with surgeons to rejuvenate her skin recently, but lets face it, this material girl always had that porcelain skin look.

It has been reported that she is a big fan of the Dr. Brandt  skin care line. This skin care expert to the rich and famous has a list a mile long so good luck if you want an appointment.

Basing his line of skincare on potent anti aging properties such as green tea, vitamins A and C, grapeseed extracts and more; Dr. Brandt has ensured clients can “take the doctor home with you”.


Sandra Bullock 

Look Glam Box - Sandra BullockThis girl next door always looks so young and fresh but in fact, she is 47  years old.

Sandra Bullock’s skin is always immaculate and even when she has gone through the stress of a marital break up the last few years, she still manages to look well, perfect.

Her secret? Artistry Creme L/X

She even made a video about how much she loved this product and that certainly helped put the cream on the beauty map.

This plant base cream has many goodies in it including spinach leaf extract (which the company has patented) and we all know from our moms that spinach is good for us, don’t we?


Jennifer Lopez

Look Glam Box - Jennifer LopezThis 41 year old with her famous bottom has just showed the world she can still attract the young, hot and sexy male species when she wants to. And why shouldn’t she? I don’t think I have ever seen a wrinkle on her even when she smiles.

Her secret? StriVectin SD eye cream

This brand was originally developed for stretch marks and scars but have since branched into the anti-aging market with the success of their creams.

The latest product from them is a brightening serum and spot repair which we will be getting our hands on to try.

If you are looking for something super effective, then try the Strivectin eye concentrate that boasts of the mysterious NIA-114 that stimulates new skin layers. Whatever that may be, it is certainly working.



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