Halle Berry’s Early Beauty Pageant Days

halleberry-london 1986


Before many Hollywood stars got famous, they were busy trying to carve out a name or a space for themselves through various means. Some were waitresses, some did menial manual jobs and some just hit the pavements hoping for a big break.

Halle Berry was doing the beauty pageant circuits almost twenty years ago including the big shows such as the London Miss World beauty pageant in 1986; she was Miss Teen All-American in 1985 and Miss Ohio USA in 1986.

All we have to say is that the Oscar winning star looks just as good now as she did then (especially with the 80’s big hair)


halleberry-london 1986

halleberry as US beauty contestant in london 1986

(Photo credits : Daily Mail, UK)

Halle Berry just turned 46, and she looks as if she has hardly aged. We want some of what you have got Halle!

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