Hair Chalking – The Cheap and Chic Way to Color Your Hair


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Your kids are going to love this one : Hair Chalkingthe cheap and chic way to color your hair in a multitude of colors and combinations.

Hair chalking is easy, effective and costs the price of colored chalks bought at the local crafts or kids store.

Who would have thought a simple, inexpensive hair coloring method would be so trendy?

It started some three years ago where it was an in-trade secret for brand names such as Prada and Jean Paul Gaultier, but ever since US reality TV star Lauren Conrad wrote about it on her blog The Beauty Department, it has taken the US fashion scene by storm:

Here is a great hair chalking tutorial from Kandee Johnson :

Here is the low down on hair chalking step by step:

1) Wear some gloves and a top on that you are not going to go bonkers if it gets messy.

2) Dark Hair gals or guys, damp it a bit first with either a spray bottle or just straight from the tap. If you are blonde, you can skip this step (as the colors will show easier), but you may still want to dampen it a bit for a longer effect.

3) Grab your dampened strand of hair and start applying the color that you want in a downward motion. You can layer on as many colors as you want.

4) Blow dry or air dry your hair. To make sure it seals a bit better and to give your hair a funkier look, heat up your flat iron and give your hair a whirl.


DIY Hair Chalking for Celebrities


DIY Hair Chalking – Things to Look Out For:

1) The color will rub off on whatever you are wearing, so be warned and probably ear something dark. Alternatively, tie your hair up or go for the ‘funky paradise bird’ pony tail look.

2) Do not use hair cream, wax or spray.

3) If you sleep with the colors on, it will come off on your pillow and probably all over your face and nightie too.

So there you have it – an activity that is cheap, fun and can be enjoyed with friends and family. It washes off easily (just give your hair a quick brush first) and makes you look instantly different. Have fun hair chalking!



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