Guys Prefer Real Natural Beauty



Nothing Beats Being A Real Natural Beauty

Came across this little survey today about what guys really think of women’s “beauty routines” and their take on real natural beauty. The first one said :

“It gets on my nerves when women take too much time on makeup. You would think after a lifetime they would have the process down to less than 45 minutes!” -Christopher

Another chimed in :

Those thick eyelashes that women put on are annoying. It makes a woman stick out and people know that they aren’t real. I like a woman who looks nice and natural. Regular people don’t need all those eyelashes.” -Lindsay

Hollywood hunk Matthew McConaughey is so into the real natural beauty look that he does not want his new wife Brazilian model Camila to wear any makeup, even on their wedding day.


real natural beauty - camila-alves-McConaughey


“He likes as simple as possible. Less makeup, less everything,” Camila, 29, told People. “I remember for the wedding he was like, ‘Don’t put any makeup on,’ and I was like, ‘It’s our wedding, [I’m going to] want to put makeup on!'”


OK, not everyone looks like her and can look stunning without makeup, but here are a few more celebrities taking the advice of Mrs. McConaughey:

 Una Healey


Miley Cyrus


miley cyrus makeup free

Kelly Ripa

To be honest, we are just so used to seeing these celebrities with makeup that seeing them without is news. The real news is that they are for the most part, naturally beautiful without all the slap and that is why they are on the silver screen and we are not.
It was doing our heads in a bit so we added this video to show that there is still hope for us all with a good makeup brush or two (or a hundred).


Feel better now….
There is hope even if you are not a real natural beauty – fake it!
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