Grandpa Style – 72 Year Old Farmer New Model Sensation

Grand father Liu Qiang Ping models girls' clothes(3)



72 Year Old Chinese Grandpa Causes Online Sensation as Model

We are always told that to get noticed you have to think outside the box.

The granddaughter of 72 year old Chinese farmer Liu Qiang Ping certainly did when her grand father was helping to unpack boxes of her clothing line, and tried a pink jacket on for fun.

Lv Ting had just started a clothing line with some friends and one of her friends thought it would be a good idea to ‘dress up’ granddad in some of the clothing and take some pictures. He looked surprisingly good in them and was obviously a natural and so the pictures went online. It went viral.

Sporting always his aviation sunglasses, and wearing wigs on some shoots, Liu loves the attention that he is getting. After all, his grand daughter’s sales have gone up more than 500%, and journalists from far and wide are queuing to interview him. He is loving all the attention he is getting in the city.


“My grandfather is happier than before, he enjoys being interviewed; he calls our relatives at our hometown about his experiences here in the city,” she said.

“I wasn’t intended to raise the sales. It’s just for fun, for both my grandfather and me. I’m surprised that this went viral online,” she said.



Check out the grandpa style :


Grand father Liu Qiang Ping models girls' clothes



Grand father Liu Qiang Ping models girls' clothes(2)



Grand father Liu Qiang Ping models girls' clothes(3)



Have to say it is eye catching and different. What do you think?


Source : CNN
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