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What Makeup for Work?

Getting the right makeup balance for work can be tricky. Too little and you look washed out and insignificant; too much and you look like a party girl no one can take seriously. Giving the right impression has always been paramount to getting ahead which is why you need to pay special attention to your work makeup.

(OK, you need to be good at your job too, but looking good whilst doing a great job is just a double whammy you want to aim for).Makeup Tips for Work

According to Jessica Williams – creative expert with seventeen years in the beauty, film and entertainment industry , there are a few tricks to looking good in the office and a few dos and don’ts.

1) DON’T wear frosty makeup – it yells party and is inappropriate for the office. Go for a slight shimmer if you like that look or something a bit more velvety in texture.

2) DO wear bright colored lipsticks such as red and coral but make sure your eyes are parred down to complement this look. Over made up eyes and pouty red lips are just too much together for work.

3) DO use color on the eyes but again, do just the eyes or the lips and not both. A soft coral or mauve will work well with a neutral lip stain color.

4) DON’T just use black eye liner. Soften the look for the day by using plum, mauve, grey, blue and green. Add a slight wash of color for the eyelids, and you will look just the biz.

5) DO use tinted moisturizer for a more natural look especially during summer. It looks fresh and will keep looking good longer.

6) DO wear a nice transparent color on your cheeks. A nice cheek stain or cream blush will give your skin a really nice glow.

7) DO invest in a good bronzer and use it as a touch up during the day. Nothing like sun kissed looking skin to pick you up during the day.

8. DO feel good about yourself and who you are. This type of beauty cannot be bought and is very infectious!

Work Makeup & Glasses

Makeup & GlassesIf you wear glasses, here are a few tips from makeup artist Annemarie Tendler (who wears glasses herself) :

1) DON’T be afraid to wear bright colored lipsticks. It actually makes a statement especially for glasses wearers.

2) DO make sure your brow are trimmed and styled. Nothing too heavy or dark, just shaped and natural. This will also help to make your eyes stand out better.

3) DO wear lots of mascara to help make your eyes stand out. No need to hide beautiful eyes behind a frame.

Also some sage advice form :

1) Use creamy shadows instead of powdery shadows to keep lenses clean during the day.

2) Less is more if you have colorful frames.

3) Keep mascara to one or two coats only and use waterproof mascara to prevent smudging and flaking.

4) Glasses amplifies bad makeup application so make sure you have blended well and everything looks fine before you leave the house.


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