The debate about plus size models is not about to go away any time soon. When Cheryl Tiegs, a super model and frequent Sports Illustrated cover girl in the seventies, commented that plus size models should not be used on the Sports Illustrated Annual cover shoot; Molly Sims a former Victoria Secret model waded in.

FORMER Victoria’s Secret model turned actress Molly Sims has
added her voice to the recent debate about plus-size models. A
furore erupted when former Sports Illustrated cover star
Cheryl Tiegs said that she didn’t believe that plus-size model Ashley Graham
should appear on the cover of the magazine’s annual Swimsuit
Edition because her figure was “not healthy”, but Sims couldn’t
disagree more.

“I think it’s great,” she told People. “I think we need to be more
accepting of all sizes. I think the moment we do that, the better
it is. Ashley Graham is probably one of the prettiest people. She is
stunning. She has this beautiful olive complexion. She deserves it.
She’s beautiful. Ashley Graham is not unhealthy. Plus-size,
thin-size, 0-size, 20-size – yes, there is a point when someone is
unhealthy, but I know overweight people who are healthy. If you
feel great in a size 20 or you feel great in a size 2 or 4 or 6 or
whatever, it’s about how you feel about it. Everyone’s really
starting to embrace not just a size 2, which is good.”

Sims – who welcomed her second child, daughter Scarlett, last year –
also noted that in her own life she has become less concerned about
what size she wears as she has got older and shifted her focus away
from the fashion industry.

“When I was a size 0 I didn’t feel great,” she said. “I
probably feel better now, but not everything in my life depends on
what I look like, so it’s different. You don’t put as much weight
on it. Being in your forties, you don’t worry about the little
things. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a size 4 or 2. I find
myself Photoshopping less and less, because it’s time – and I don’t
look like that. You want to send a healthy message, because it’s a
lot of pressure on these girls to attain the unattainable. Some
girls are never going to be a size 2. And some girls are never
going to be a size 10. It’s who you are.”

One of Ashley Graham’s plus-size contemporaries and a
fellow Sports Illustrated model, Robyn Lawley – who has also being a vocal proponent of models representing a range of sizes as long as they are healthy at that
weight – has recently returned to modelling after some time
away  while expecting her first child, daughter Ripley. On returning,
she revealed that it’s not just the industry that has

“My body isn’t the same and while some people are like ‘Oh no,
it is’ it really is quite different. It’s a body I am getting used
to in terms of modelling,” Robyn told the Daily Mail Australia. “I’m not
Miranda Kerr unfortunately. So my body still needs some help and I
just need to work out for a few more months.”

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