Finnish Makeup Artist Does Avenger Eyes


Avengers Here We Come!

Inspired by the new Avengers movie coming out soon, Finnish makeup artist Jangsara has created some amazing looks to compliment each action hero.

We love her eye makeup and what’s even better, she has created a step by step makeup application sequence that you could follow, complete with the makeup products that she used.

Here is her collection of Avengers inspired eye makeup:

Avengers makeup by Jangsara

Here is a taster of what she provides so you can follow along:

Captain America Makeup graph by Jangsara

1. Start with primer
2. Then apply NYX Jumbo pencil Milk to your whole lid, also to lower lashline to give a light base so that the colors really pop.
3. Start applying blue shadow (Sugarpill Afterparty) to above the crease, blend upwards. Leave the crease untouched. Apply blue also to lower lashline.
4. Use Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy as a base to attach blue glitter (The Body Needs Holo Blue) over the shadow.
5. Then apply red shadow to whole lid. Again, use Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy as a base for red glitter (The Body Needs Red Glitter). Make sure the crease is still untouched.
6.Apply white shadow (Sugarpill Tako) to highlight, overlay with Sugarpill Lumi chromalust.
7. Finally use liquid white Illamasqua Scribe liner to define the crease.
8. Line your lower lashline with blue gel liner / pencil (Coastal Scents Sky Blue liner)
9. Add mascara and false lashes (Sugarpill Daydreamer false lashes)


Yes, she is one talented makeup artist indeed!

Check out her post here for all her makeup tips Avengers style!


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