Don’t Want to Smell Like a Flower Shop? Try These 6 Fragrance-Free Beauty Products

Cosmetic companies want to remind us that to be a woman is to smell like a garden, or some herbal flowery scent. Which is fine although I must say some scented items can be a total overkill and smell more like an insect repellent.

Fragrance can clash too if you are not careful – sometimes it is best just to stick to one scented item like a body lotion, and go fragrant free on other beauty items. Those around you may actually thank you for it.


Clinique crop

When I was in high school, I wouldn’t dream of stepping outside the house without a spritz of body splash (one time for Bath & Body Works cucumber melon!) and this was after I had already showered with a fragrant body wash and slathered myself from head to toe with scented lotion. In retrospect, my regime was a bit heavy handed, and my grown up self practices much more restraint when it comes to using fragrance. While I love a classic perfume and a delicious-smelling conditioner, there are days when I’d rather not be be the human equivalent to a bowl of potpourri. So I …

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