DIY Hair and Makeup For Your Big Day


DIY Hair and Makeup Wedding Day Look.

Summer is coming and many brides-to-be are busy getting their wedding day organized. There is as usual much to consider including all the tiny details that make the day special, but the cost can all mount up and before you know it, you are confronted with a huge bill for your wedding day.DIY hair and makeup for wedding day

Many savvy brides are turning to DIY hair and makeup themselves. After all, if Carrie Underwood, Beyonce and even the Duchess of Cambridge can do their own makeup and hair for shows and official outings, there is no reason why, with a little practice, you as a bride cannot do the same.

Celebrity esthetician/makeup artist MUA Tricia Ray advocates that having flawless skin is fundamental to good makeup application. It does not matter whether your skin is oily or dry, but exfoliating the face, body and even the lips will reveal the natural glow of your skin.

“The benefits of exfoliation is that it makes the skin smoother, stimulates blood flow to give faster cell turnover, bringing new skin cells to the surface faster, and it makes your make up application much easier…A Flawless Make Up Application Begins With a Performing Skin Care Regimen.”

Gocha Hawkins, celebrity hairstylist, makeup artist, and owner of Gocha Salon has these tips for achieving that stunning wedding day look all brides want :

 “As a general rule of thumb, shimmer does not always photograph well. Do your best to keep makeup matte and be sure that foundation is blended thoroughly as the camera detects oily skin. For summer brides, humidity is their worst hair enemy. Dry hair downward at a 90-degree angle to avoid frizz while styling, and ask your hairstylist beforehand about products that will work with your hair’s natural texture. Additionally, every bride should have a touch-up kit on hand the day of the wedding to avoid a beauty disaster,” Gocha advises.

Here are three recommendations for DIY hair and makeup bridal looks:

The ‘Make A Statement’ Bold BrideGwen Stefani bold

Neon colors were evident on the runway this season but it is not for the faint hearted.

“This has definitely prevailed as a trend for the more fashion forward bride this season. Also, it’s very versatile and can work for women with short hair. Pairing this with a structured yet whimsical teased ponytail achieves a stunning, bold statement. Think rocker mom Gwen Stefani’s electric style.”

  • Use a bold color on either eyes or lips but not both.
  • For eye colors, MAC eyeshadows has a good selection. Make sure you use a powder based primer first
  • Go for a matt lipstick. NARS have some great semi matt lipsticks.
  • Try a volumnized ponytail to create a stunning look that will also combat the summer heat. You can curl hair with large rollers for big waves and texture or pin it up for a more elegant do.


January-Jones-vintage lookThe Vintage 50s Style Bride

“Creating a dramatic eye with a red lip gives off that eternal essence of old-Hollywood charm and epitomizes class for a sophisticated affair. A great role model for this look is January Jones, who keeps it in her repertoire for big ticket red carpet events. If your wedding’s theme leans toward romantic vintage, this look is definitely for you,” says Gocha.

Try different shades of red lipstick to find the perfect one for your skin tone. Reds with orange or pink undertones generally works great.

Take a page out of Dita Von Teese’s look and apply the perfect black eye liner on the lids. Lashings of mascara (or fake lashes if you dare) and a quick sweep of blush completes the look.

To create the retro waves for the hair, Gocha suggests using leave in conditioner for added moisture and curl in 1 inch segments. Finish off with anti frizz serum.


 The Natural Look Bridewedding-beauty-Scarlett-Johansson

The nude look or natural look is all the rage this season. Barely there makeup and pale nude lips are all de rigeur; but do make sure that you have a good skin care regime and a good diet in place to get that dewy glow.

  • Choose a blush as close as possible to your natural flush color.
  • Use eye shadow that is only a shade darker than your natural skin color
  • Use  a small amount of black eye liner or just use lots of mascara to open up eyes.
  • Use moisturizing lip color that is a shade or two darker than your own lip color.

With the natural look, you can be more creative with your hair. Tied up into a chignon, plaited, curled – add flowers, hairband, small tiara, or ribbons… Experiment with your natural look and get creative!

Finally, it is imperative to spend a day trying new makeup and creating different looks.

Get a friend or family to take pictures of you under different lighting so that there will be no nasty surprises on the day. Test out the makeup, create different hairstyles and take pictures of your DIY hair and makeup from different angles. Most of all, be comfortable with your look and don’t forget to have a fabulous day.




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