Cosplay, Creepy Characters and Big Manga Eyes

Cosplay - Yuri Donnarumma

I have to say that we here at Look Glam Box were just as intrigued as everyone else with the barbie and anime looking girls. So we decided to look around a little more to see whether they are just one off phenomenons or whether there are a lot more out there we do not know about.

The findings were interesting to say the least.

Cosplay or Kosupure

According to the Urban Dictionary, cosplay means “literally “Costume Play.” Dressing up and pretending to be a fictional character (usually a sci-fi, comic book, or anime character).

There are anime cosplay conventions around the world.”
Cosplay is big in Japan where the art of dressing up and emulating your favorite anime or cartoon character is followed to the T. What they wear, how they move, even the tone of their voice – it is a pure form of copying and following a certain favorite character. It differs from Halloween or Mardi Gras in that these are holiday events and the costumes are open to interpretation.
It is not a cheap hobby as often the costumes are elaborate and unique, but die hard fans would rather not dress up than to do it half halfheartedly. Check out this Insane Black Rock Shooter:


Cosplay - Yuri Donnarumma


That is one hell of a costume (and we think it is super cool too).

Of course we also have the very cutesie cosplay costume where big eyes, small mouth and way out hair in often shades of pink, purple or grey is the norm. Meet Chibi Sailor Moon:


Cosplay - Chibi Sailor Moon


Creepy Characters

Well we can’t get away with not mentioning Halloween and we found this very talented makeup artist Angie Starling plying her craft to look just right for the night:


Angie Starling halloween look (1)


Angie Starling halloween look (2)


“On average, she spends around six to seven hours on her videos for makeup looks but for her spectacular Halloween faces, she spends upwards to 30 hours teaching viewers how to get the look just right.

She described the Halloween how-to-guides, as ‘quite the labor of love, At least 20-30 hours per video from conception, to visualization, going an finding products and costumes.’

‘It’s something I really love to do so it doesn’t bother me … I have a vision and I want to do it.'”

Check out her spider eyes tutorial here :

Manga Eyes

Nothing says anime or Japanese cartoon characters more than the manga eyes. Huge and wide, it overshadows everything else on the face.

Follow along right here to get your manga eyes:



A little imagination, a good set of brushes and colors and you too could transform yourself. Have you any photos to share?




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