China’s New Tan Free Solution : Facekini

Facekini 1

Introducing the Facekini


I remember working in the Far East in Hong Kong and we had some customers coming to the office from sunny Spain. So far so good.

The Spanish lady turned up looking tanned and skinny in all the latest most fashionable gear thinking no doubt, that she looked like the bee’s knees. The man, all fashionable salt and pepper shoulder length hair was also tanned and toned.

The envy of many Europeans.

The office manager who just met them briefly described them as the “ugliest people he had ever seen”. The printer who came in to give a quotation went back to his office to declare he felt ill as he had seen some of they most dreadful looking people. He actually shuddered when he spoke of the woman.


In the Far East, white or pale skin is prized. In the days where China and other neighboring countries were agricultural nations; working in the fields meant you were a menial laborer or farmer, and outdoors work made you tanned and rough looking.


tan free Facekini 3


True wealthy or ‘aristocratic’ people were all pale and white as they could stay indoors and not mix with the riff raffs in the fields. In fact, the whiter the better as the whiteness showed wealth and class, and to this day, skin whitening products is a billion dollar industry in the Far East.

“”[I wear this because] I fear getting tanned,” said Wang Xiuzhi (王秀芝), a “facekini woman” on Qingdao‘s No. 1 Bathing Beach, as reported by Xinhua.”

So what do you do when you want to go to the beach? or go hiking? or do anything outdoorsy? Well, you don’t or you get so covered up you either died of heat or your fell over trying to hold onto your hat, scarf, shawl, umbrella etc….


Facekini 2


Soaring Sales of the Tan Free Facekini

Enterprising Chinese entrepreneurs came up with the perfect idea to have fun AND stay white and pale looking : the Facekini. A mask like contraption that only showed the essential bits like your eyes, mouth and nostrils to keep the nasty sun away.

“”These have been extremely popular,” Zaizaibao (仔仔寶), an online seller from Henan on shopping Internet site, said.

Another online store sold 542 masks, which come in different colors and patterns, in just 30 days.

“We are already out of the pink ones…. All of them sell well. Orange is the most effective in protecting people from sea creatures.””

You could also use the masks to play super hero or Mexican wrestler on or off the beach. We can see how the Facekini can be very versatile.



Source : CNN, NBC