Celebrity Makeup Gone Wrong


Bad Celebrity Makeup…

As much as we would like to think celebrities have got it made with makeup and hair stylists on call 24/7, they still get days when their celebrity makeup has gone wrong whether they do it themselves, or get professional help.

Sometimes – Very Wrong.

It is one thing to be bold and experimental, another to be utterly scary and sloppy.

Here are some examples of some Celebrities with bad makeup jobs:

Jennifer Lopez

JLo - celebrity makeup gone wrong

That super pale lipstick makes her look as if she has no lips. It’s so chalky white that it just well, blends in with the rest of her face. And what’s with the super sparse eyebrows and stringy spider lashes? Her hair looks really flat and terrible too.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan - Celebrity makeup gone wrong

This Halloween hollow-dark-cheek-and-dark-smudgy- eye-on-super-pale-face look is just too scary. We know shadowing your face is in this season, but honey, that color is ALL wrong.

Lil Kim

lilkim - celebrity makeup gone wrong

Ugh! Has she been drinking too many carrot juices because she looks totally orange! Where do we start? Those chalky white lips? the too obvious blusher? the bruised eye look?

Someone somewhere tell the poor girl!

What do you think of these pictures of celebrity makeup gone wrong?

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