Celebrities Flaunting Makeup Free Faces – A New Vogue?


The Celebrities Makeup Free Faces Fad

The latest fad is for celebrities to be seen without makeup.

Sure, there were always the paparazzi, and the camera ready public who would happily snap a celebrity going about their daily routines with no makeup; but the trend it seems is for celebrities to willingly put themselves forward, or to be happily seen in public, with makeup free faces.

Here is Jessica Alba looking very… ordinary?


Jessica Alba Makeup-free-faces


I am not too sure what the message is suppose to be.

That celebrities have eye bags, zits and puny eye lashes just like you and me and therefore we are suppose to feel better for it? That their star power outshines any imperfections they may have? Or that the only way to look and be (and therefore feel) attractive is to have loads of makeup on?

Granted, there is also the genetic factor. If you look like Kate Winslet, well who needs makeup?


Kate Winslet Makeup-less


But then, how many Kate Winslets are there?

Celebrities Makeup Free Faces – It’s All The Rage

The British tabloid newspapers are pros at snapping celebrities from the A to the Z list is all sorts of compromising situations.

Made a face and yawned at the wrong time? Snap – an ugly as hell picture to show the world. Bony shapeless bunion filled toes? Snap – another one for the ugly book.

God forbid you should wear a bikini if you are less than a perfect 10.

But here is the funny thing – celebrities are ditching the makeup and uploading pictures of themselves looking  ‘au naturel’. Here is Lady Gaga’s recent tweet:


Lady Gaga makeup-less twitter picture


Or Rhianna‘s latest stroll in New York sans makeup:


Rihanna Makeup-less in New York


Seriously, maybe they shouldn’t ditch the whole makeup bag.

But here are a few more to make you um… feel better:

Gisele Bundchen – ok, she is a super model but she is without makeup.


Gisele Bundchen - Celebrities Makeup free


Or Miss Health Food fanatic Gwyneth:


gwyneth paltrow-makeup-free-faces


Or Miss Lily Cole:


Lily Cole Makeup-less


Yeah right – feel so much better now that I have seen their makeup free faces (not).

Obviously, they don’t look particularly bothered about being seen with a naked face because they know they are beautiful, and the confidence in their looks is all there for the world to see.

There is also the argument that if you have chosen to be in the public eye, then some effort should be made to look good. If not, it is fair game for the media to have a go on your bad hair days.

Take Katie Holmes.

Celebrities makeup free - Katie Holmes with gray hair and without makeup


A stroll through the streets in Brooklyn with her gray strands of hair, shallow skin and baggy eyes were the talk of the gossip columns.

Maybe this latest trend of ‘celebrities makeup free and proud’ is just not for her.

What do you think?


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