Thursday, May 25, 2017

  Jane Fonda Looks Amazing in Cannes 2013 at Age 75   The Cannes Film Festival in France is showcasing some pretty hot looking celebrities. That's to be expected - all those young nimble  actresses, so fresh, toned...
Prince Harry

Of all the royals, it seems Prince Harry is one of the hardest working. He has this certain charm that works wonders with everyone.
KATIE-HOLMES-Bobbi Brown makeup

    When celebrity makeup artist Bobbi Brown first started out, she made lipsticks in varying shades of natural colors to enhance a woman's natural look, rather than alter it. She made woman beautiful enhancing what she...

With the weather getting warmer, have you been looking at your feet recently thinking "Mmm... time I did something about those feet?"

Does spending a fortune on makeup guarantee a more polished and better look? Is the difference so big that you would spend 10 times the amount to get a 'designer' lipstick?
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