Saturday, October 21, 2017

  One does not normally associate 'makeup' with soldiers. More like 'war paint' or just 'camouflage goop', but these non-seasonal colors play an important part in protecting and keeping soldiers from harm. Basically if you do...

   Can You Still Ooze Sexiness Age 60+? The question of whether a woman can still look sexy and alluring age 60 or over came to mind after I saw this new Air New Zealand flight...

Yoko has always been a conceptual artist that provoked, had works of art way outside the box and was not afraid to challenge and push the boundaries.

Girls, if you EVER ask your boyfriend or husband to do your makeup, and you can just hear them say "how hard can it be?" watch the videos below: Promise Phan has a big following...
Prince Harry

Of all the royals, it seems Prince Harry is one of the hardest working. He has this certain charm that works wonders with everyone.
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