Wednesday, August 23, 2017

There are 4.1 billion Asians in the world, around 60% of the world's population and the women all want to have a BMI of under 20 and skin so translucent white you can only achieve it by never going into the sun.

  Cassandra Bankson, age 19 Growing up in your teen years is not easy. Your body is changing, the opposite sex has suddenly become quite interesting, you are searching to find out who you are and...

Beware of harmful skin care ingredients. Whatever we put on our skin, it gets absorbed by our bodies. It can go into our blood stream and wreck havoc if the ingredients in skin care products are harmful.

Celebrity Skin Are you shocked when you know the actual age of some celebrities? Look at Madonna, she is in her fifties for crying out loud, and her body and face would put a  lot...

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