Saturday, July 22, 2017

  At Look Glam Box, we try to cover all things makeup, hair, skin and body - things that make you look and feel good. So we had to post these two little ads online...

Meggings, or men's leggings are fast becoming a hot fashion topic for men all over the world. Debates whether this is a UK thing (as in Shakespeare) or a US thing (as in anything goes) is still out there, but there is no denying that meggings are hitting big name retails stores such as Nike and Prada.
ahn-jung-hwan - men makeup south Korea

With only 19 million men in South Korea, they have managed to corner 21% of the total male makeup market sales worldwide. That's $495.5 million dollars last year alone making South Korea the biggest male cosmetics market to date.

  One does not normally associate 'makeup' with soldiers. More like 'war paint' or just 'camouflage goop', but these non-seasonal colors play an important part in protecting and keeping soldiers from harm. Basically if you do...

Mens Makeup - did us girls really think makeup was sacrilegious to us only? Or that retailers and marketers are going to let this segment of the market go untapped?
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