Friday, July 28, 2017

With the right contouring technique and the right amount of highlight, you too can be transformed from plain Jane to super glamor puss.
Vadim Andreev (7)

It pays to experiment and see what works best for you. Using the make up application techniques above, try out a few of the ideas and then take pictures of yourself. Compare the different techniques and colors you have used and stick with the ones that work. With time, you will find the best colors that suit you the best and the best techniques to losing pounds off your face.

  What Makeup for Work? Getting the right makeup balance for work can be tricky. Too little and you look washed out and insignificant; too much and you look like a party girl no one can...

Does spending a fortune on makeup guarantee a more polished and better look? Is the difference so big that you would spend 10 times the amount to get a 'designer' lipstick?
Hang Mioku at age 28

  Extreme Addictive Plastic Surgery Hang Mioku from South Korea was a pretty fresh face singer and model until she decided she wasn't that pretty or that fresh face. So she set about seeking 'treatment' to make...
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