Thursday, June 22, 2017

Here are some basic steps to make sure your face is framed properly and that those brows are giving you the polished end look.

  Look Years Younger With No Surgery   It's official ladies, a little color on your lips and on your face can make you look years younger and it has been proven scientifically. Professor Richard Russell in collaboration...

Treat your skin and your body well otherwise you will age badly no matter who you are. Your Makeup Free Face - Top Five Tips to Have Beautiful Skin:

The History of BB Creams Beauty or Blemish Cream (BB Cream) is not new and has been around for over fifty years. It was first developed by a German dermatologist Dr.Christine Schrammek in the...

As much as we would like to think celebrities have got it made with makeup and hair stylists on call 24/7, they still get days when their celebrity makeup has gone wrong whether they do it themselves, or get professional help.
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