Thursday, October 19, 2017
what high heels are doing to your feet

  We all love our high heels especially when we want to look powerful and sexy. It makes us look taller, our legs longer and it can make us feel much more feminine and alluring...

  Jane Fonda Looks Amazing in Cannes 2013 at Age 75   The Cannes Film Festival in France is showcasing some pretty hot looking celebrities. That's to be expected - all those young nimble  actresses, so fresh, toned...

In this MAC Strength ad, the female body builder is Serbian-American fitness model and body builder Jelena Abbou - and my doesn't she look absolutely incredible!

What is Shea Butter? Have you ever wondered why African women have such smooth, beautiful, line free skin no matter their age? The secret is shea butter, a cream colored fat derived from the nut of the African shea tree.

Look After Dry Skin - You know it is dry skin time when the weather is cold, your skin feels tight and you start to itch all over. The harsh cold wind , the over heated rooms, the low humidity, is it any wonder your skin is depleted of moisture and feeling parched?
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