Monday, February 20, 2017
halleberry-london 1986

  Before many Hollywood stars got famous, they were busy trying to carve out a name or a space for themselves through various means. Some were waitresses, some did menial manual jobs and some just...
Vogue Controversial Violent Cover

It's getting harder and harder to get attention. With every channel, newspaper, magazine, website, social network trying to shout above all the noise, it needs something spectacularly different, or controversial, to get people to look again.

If stars did not have their posse of fitness trainers, hair stylists and makeup artists following them around, or the sometimes not so secret (and very expensive) cosmetic surgery to keep them looking young,...

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NO sooner has Reese Witherspoon put out one legal matter than another has apparently arrived at her door. The Oscar winner, who owns fashion label ... Read More

mica - glittery eye makeup

  Using Child Labor To Mine Mica Mohammed Salim Ansari, 12, mining in Jharkhand, India. Photo: Ben Doherty   When we put on our face powder, glittering eye shadow and nail polish; chances are we are using...
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