Can You Show Your Makeup Free Face?


A Makeup Free Face – The Ultimate Test

Makeup can hide a multitude of sins. The freckles that you are not so keen on, the little scars from picking at your acne when you were younger, the dark circles under your eyes from not getting enough sleep last night…

Sometimes, we tend to forget the first and foremost thing about putting makeup on : it looks best when you have a perfect (or as perfect as possible) canvas.

So when we see makeup less celebrities or super models with a makeup free face for that matter, we are taken aback. What?! Is that’s what they really look like? Good grief, they must pile it on to look good.


Makeup free face - Kate Moss landing at LAX airport


And piling it on is what a lot of them do. Not to mention our good friend photo shop.

We saw this picture of Kate Moss au naturel. Kate has graced hundreds of ads and magazine covers and is the face for many high end fashion and cosmetic brands. We all know that she is also a hard party animal, with a panache for the drink, drugs and the rock and roll life style.

It’s fine when you are young and you can still get away with it, but approaching forty, it does not wear so well anymore. Sure her images will still be photo shopped to the hilt but this makeup free face to us, is a great wake up call.

Treat your skin and your body well otherwise you will age badly no matter who you are.

Your Makeup Free Face – Top Five Tips to Have Beautiful Skin:

1) Don’t Smoke

Yes, it may look rebel like but smoking can cause damage to the micro-capillaries and the harmful free radicals will add years to your skin (not to mention your body). People who smoke tend also to have more lines around the mouth. Not a cool thing to do anymore so quit while you can.

2) Stop Your Yo Yo Diet

You become thin, you become fat. The skin meanwhile stretches when you have put on weight and tries to shrink when you lose weight. What happens is that the skin just cannot handle all the stretching and shrinking and just sags. Add excess fat around the chin, jaw and face and you have wrinkly saggy skin. Nope, not attractive.

3) Not Enough Sleep

A minimum of seven hours is a must with closer to nine hours being the optimal for good health.

Read more about sleep and aging here

 4) Wrinkle Fighting Vegetables

Consider going on some sort of juicing diet with fresh organic vegetables. Your body will absorb the nutrients more readily and the nutrient rich benefits of fresh vegetables will add youthfulness to your looks. Green vegetables will also protect your skin from sun damage.

Here is a great article on juicing.

5) Eliminate Grains, Sugar and Fructose From Your Diet

If you are all messed up on the insides, you are going to look all messed up on the outside. Sugar and Fructose in particular can do substantial damage to your health as they are toxins. Eat more omega 3 rich foods such as salmon and krill oil and add lots of green leafy vegetables to your diet. You will have a baby bottom smooth skin in no time.

We love this article on food and aging.

Your Long Term Plan (you won’t be young forever)

Next time you see a celebrity all done up with seemingly perfect skin, chances are it is all thanks to a good makeup artist. Kate Moss was for many years the model every young teen wanted to be, but you need to take care of your body and your skin to make it last. You need to look radiant and healthy with no makeup as well as look stunning with makeup.

Makeup is to enhance, not camouflage.

Look at the picture again….




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